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As the matter of fact, burger or Hamburger is one of the most loved fast food. In the fast running life, when we all need to do multitasking and handling job/brassiness, home, social relations and much more, we usually runs on the shortage of the time and there comes the fast foods. (And but of course, sometimes we have to eat for fun also, without taking life so seriously!).

We find so many restaurants on our way around and most of the fast-food parlors serve burgers. These burger-joints are best place to hangout, with family, friends and sometimes (and most importantly) with ourselves as well.

You can find the Burger-Joint contact information for the area you are living, based on our repository, which is updated periodically. You may like to update us to rectify the information provided here (if needed). More filtering options are coming soon. Don't forget to check the blog as well, to get the latest and/or interesting information about your favorite fast food.

Happy "Burger-Hamburger and Burger-Joints-Restaurants" info!!!

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Two Hippies Magic Mushroom Burgers
802 E Indian School Rd
AZ - 85073
Phone: 602-265-3525
Maizie's Cafe & Bistro
4750 N Central Ave
AZ - 85012
Phone: 602-274-2828
Coney Island Grill
16 W Adams St
AZ - 85003
Phone: 602-253-0292
Welcome Diner
924 E Roosevelt St
AZ - 85006
Phone: 602-495-1111
825 E Camelback Rd
AZ - 85014
Phone: 602-595-7876
Harvey's Wineburger
4812 N 16th Street
AZ - 85016
Phone: 602-248-9950
MacAlpine's Soda Fountain
2303 N 7th St
AZ - 85006
Phone: 602-262-5545
Burger Shoppe
151 N 27th Avenue
AZ - 85009
Phone: 602-269-0998
450 W. Indian School Rd
AZ - 85013
Phone: 602-279-9265
Burger Factory
702 W Osborn Rd
AZ - 85013
Phone: 602-263-0807
Burger King
3800 E Sky Harbor Blvd Ste 4340
AZ - 85034
Phone: 602-273-1377
Jimmy Jack's Drive-In
2933 W Van Buren Street
AZ - 85009
Phone: 602-278-4120
4610 S 48th Street
AZ - 85040
Phone: 602-454-6453
Five Guys Burgers And Fries
4803 E Ray
AZ - 85044
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